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Replacement wardrobe doors

Like the kitchens, if your existing wardrobe uints are fullt servicable but you just fancy a makeover, Re-style can offer the same vast range of styles and colours to suit your needs. Look at the gallery, see what takes your fancy and give us a call. We can bring samples so that you can see what they look like, where it matters, in your home.


Storage Solution

Dynamic Space

Times change – so do kitchen standards

Everyone nowadays wants a kitchen that looks good and one that is equipped with high quality appliances. Fortunately today’s kitchens can provide so much more than that. The modern kitchen can be customized to individual needs and lifestyles.
The result: Optimal room utilization and quality of motion. Experience has shown that most people keep a kitchen for approx 20 years. That’s why it pays to carefully consider your needs and wants before entering into the buying process. After all, the kitchen is also the room that we frequent most often. It should be looked upon as a fun place, a place where we want to be. And this is exactly what Blum’s DYNAMIC SPACE sets out to achieve.

You may have nothing against shelves in bottom cabinets – but your back sure does.
The use if shelves in Base cabinets are poor in ergonomic terms. It makes it very difficult for you to find items since you don’t have an overview of the entire cabinet contents. Quite often you will find that you have to bend or stretch to locate items you are looking for. It is not uncommon to find yourself having to remove some of the content at the front in order to get to the items at the back.

The better alternative
Shouldn’t the work area make the kitchen?

  •  Easier to work in and not cause so much stress on the body

  •  Shouldn’t it shorten paths thus freeing up more time for relaxing leisure activities that are kinder to the joints?

Ergonomically recommended storage levels for various items.
In general, frequently used items should be stored in easy to reach pull outs near work areas as well as on the first level in the wall unit’s area.

Items used less often can be stored above and below this area. Rarely used items end up in the top level of wall units and at the bottom level of base units. This saves time during the daily kitchen work.

This gains you comfort and time
Drawers and pull outs enable you to see what you want easily and get your hands on it quickly and in comfort. It makes cooking fun!